The Blue Cup-The Annual Passage Yacht Race in Greece.

blue cup logo29 years since it was established in 1991 from Vernicos Yachts, this exciting annual passage race has grown into an international event attracting entries from all over the world.
The Blue Cup race takes place annually in the Argosaronic Gulf, Greec, during the first week of November with yachts built by Beneterau. In 2011 Dream Yacht Charter purchased Vernicos Yachts and continues the Blue Cup and yachts built by other shipyards like Jeanneau, Bavaria & Dufour participate in the Regatta. 

Approximately fifty yachts from the Dream Yacht Charter fleet, with crews from many different countries participate every year in the Blue Cup Regatta.

The ever-growing spirit of the Blue Cup race is the mixture of competition and sportsmanship with cocktails, dancing and partying at every port of call. Every place visited has a special welcome for the participants with receptions, parties and prizes for each day's racing. The highlight is the Grand Prize-Giving Ceremony, with dinner and dancing at the last port of call, Porto Heli.

The 30th Blue Cup will take place from October 23rd to October 31st.

There is nothing like the Blue Cup. It could change your view of yacht racing forever! So come and join us!!!

For more information, photos or if you want to follow every new development visit the Official Blue Cup Regatta Facebook Page.

The next Blue Cup regatta will take place from October 23rd to October 31st 2021.